Friday Wrap(5 Feb - 10 Feb)

Dengan Nama Allah yang Maha Pemurah Lagi Maha Penyayang


1.Saudi Blogger Arrests in Malaysia

A Saudi blogger who caused outrage in the Gulf kingdom with comments on twitter deemed insulting to the Prophet Muhammad, has been arrested by Malaysian police after fleeing Saudi Arabia following calls for his execution.
Hamza Kashgari was headed to New Zealand where he hoped to gain political asylum when he was arrested upon arrival at Kuala Lumpur International Airport on Thursday.
A police spokesman confirmed to the Reuters news agency that Malaysian police had detained the 23-year-old columnist.
"This arrest was part of an Interpol operation which the Malaysian police were a part of," said the spokesman.
State news agency Bernama said Kashgari was arrested in the Muslim-majority nation "for allegedly insulting Islam and the Prophet Mohammed."

2. A Pink Present

After tough sanctions imposed by the United States and the West, Iran has given into the demands of President Obama, well some demands.Iran is returning the RQ-170 drone that was hacked back in December of last year.Their are some differences though: it's pink, it's about one eightieth the original size and being marketed as a toy in Iran.According to some reports the toys have already hit shelves In Tehran and carry a $4 price tag. The display of silliness has many US officials irate at the charade, but no need to get upset.President Obama will be receiving his very own custom built toy drone as well.

3.Russia Suicide Struggle

According to a recent UN report, Russia has one of the highest rates of teen suicide in the world.
The official figure is three-times higher than the global average, but analysts say the real picture may be worse as many cases go unreported.
The levels are one factor affecting Russia's demographic decline – described by Vladimir Putin, the prime minister, as a major "threat to national security".

4. Syria:Anti-Russia Rallies

Demonstrations were held in cities across Syria on what activists called, "Russia is killing our children" Friday, in response to Russia and China vetoing a UN Security Council resolution last week.
In the flashpoint city of Homs, activists reported that tanks were massing outside opposition neighbourhoods, a week after government forces started continuously shelling the city. Soldiers who have been bombarding the
central city made their first ground move, storming into one of the most
restive neighborhoods.
Al Jazeera's Rula Amin, reporting from neighbouring Lebanon, said that activists feared a major assault.
"The army seems determined to conquer the opposition neighbourhoods - the Free Syria Army and some other armed opposition groups have been in control of those streets for some weeks now," she said.

5. Brussels: Firemen Soak Cops


When the Belgian government decided to pour cold water on the country’s firefighters and increase their retirement age, the men struck back with the same method…literally.
Several hundred firemen broke through police cordons and hosed down the prime minister's office. The men, dressed in full gear, were smiling as they directed the water at the building…and the small bunch of police officers huddled in front of it. 

The law enforcement men tried to hide behind their Plexiglas shields, but to little avail; they were all soaked within minutes. Showing a rather wicked sense of humor, the firemen then turned to fire extinguishers – and the soaked representatives of Belgium’s police force were swallowed by a cloud of white foam, emerging unharmed but completely blanketed in the substance.  

Firefighters want to keep their early retirement age at 58, arguing their arduous job does not allow them to work into their 60s. Such demands run counter to government plans to have the overwhelming majority of people work two years beyond 65, so the government can afford an ever-increasing pension bill as Belgium's population ages.

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