In the name of Allah, the Most Merciful of all

Poems had lend a tremendous effect in boosting up one's spirit. even during the time of Prophet Muhammad pbuh, poems had been widely used. during under the threat of the Quraisy, the prophet used the power of poem to help him fight against the musyrikin.
As an example, Hassan bin Tsabit, when the Quraisy musyrik poem's insult the prophet, he quickly replied to it using a poem too that left the Jahiliyahs in loss of words to continue insulting the prophet.
Hence, poem has great effect during that time and among the famous poets was Hassan bin Tsabit, Ka'ab bin Malik and Abdullah bin Rawahah.
Poem doesn't only use to fight againts the Quraisy but has also use in the remembrance of Allah and as booster to the soldiers during war against the Quraisy and enemy of Islam.

In this modern times, Islamic poems has also been a great help for others to be motivated.
 thus it shows that, poem survive through out the time.

who is Boonaa Mohammed?

he is one of the modern time islamic poet. he was born in April 14, 1987, a Canadian Muslim.
his poem had touched many hearts and had been widely spread.
using youtube as a medium to spread his poem, later he gained acknowledge from muslims all over the world, especially those who live in America since he resides there.
using the power of beautiful words, he manages to praise Allah in his poem, to highlight the beauty of islam and to underline the despicable sides of enemy of Islam.

what is his great work? 
among his great poem are 'For The Love' and 'How to Be a Slave'

where can i view his work?
Brother Boonaa had managed to make his own website :
click here to watch him reciting the poem ,for the love

for those who want to know more about brother Boonaa, you can  add him on facebook and or follow him on twitter

And it's not just a crush anymore. I want to learn everything about her,
Everything that happened before, to all of her friends, and all of her misguided foes, 
And to be honest, I don't really like arguing about her,
'Cause I don't want to do her the slightest of harm,
And I'd love to stay and entertain your battle of wits, but most of you are clearly unarmed.
I love and respect her like I have been taught to love and respect all women,
So to you is your love, and to me is my religion.

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