Bukankah hati kita telah lama menyatu
Dalam tali kisah persahabatan ilahi
Pegang erat tangan kita terakhir kalinya
Hapus air mata meski kita kan terpisah
Selamat jalan teman
Tetaplah berjuang
Semoga kita bertemu kembali
Kenang masa indah kita
Sebiru hari ini

have any of you heard of these lyric? be it on the radio, during usrah or during daurah? Sebiru Hari Ini.
this is one of the song from a popular Indonesian's nasyid group called Edcoustic 

who are Edcoustic actually?

Nasyid edCoustic pioneered since 1998, when Deden and Egi dabbling in the world of teenagers in the Youth Mosque preaching at Baitul Haq, Bandung. In 2002, they both got a chance mix tape Bandung Nasheed Nasyid Exhibiton 2002 with team named nasheed Muhammad Ibrahim Yusuf. This becomes the starting point of their professional journey nasheed. Even the date of establishment nasyid team is based on their appearance at the festival Bandung Nasheed Exhibition 2002, which is May 25, 2002.

Lapse two years later, in 2004, they had the opportunity of recording Yess Productions to spawn their debut album. Actually, the song material has been designed since its release a compilation album in 2002. Due to various considerations, Production Yess parties requested that the name Muhammad Isa Ibrahim Yusuf was replaced, and then in May 2004 they changed the group name into edCoustic nasyid.

EdCoustic debut album was released in the month of Ramadan 1425 H, or October 2004,with mainly subtle acoustic pop. This album is rich with teen missionary message payload, the packaging is easy listening and the lyrics are simple.

Creativity nasyid created in this album received extraordinary acclaim from among lovers of nasyid.In some radios like MQFM nasyid Indonesia Bandung, Solo MQFM, STAN Jakarta Campus Radio, FM and Lita Antassalam FM, as well as other radio stations in Indonesia. Nasyid-nasyid edCoustic alternately ruled the Top Request. Experience appears even more crowded schedule edCoustic promo, especially in the area of ​​West Java and Jakarta.

VISION for EdCoustic’s nasyid :

"Being a professional nasyid team, guiding Islamic entertainment, making it one of the pillars of the establishment of Islamic civilization."

MISSION of EdCoustic’s nasyid:

"Giving birth to progressive creative, innovative, with the content of propaganda messages are easy to understand, through a professional appearance with full of strength ruhiyah."

if you have talent, how should you channel it? for the benefit of akhirah or duniya?
lets take them for example. with good voices, deep meaningful lyrics and super cool guitar player, they created very exquisite dakwah through song.
we can too. it is only the matter how well do we use our talent. for the sake of Allah or for the sake of popularity? the choices is ours.

so before i sign out, i want to share with all of you one of EdCoustic's song. Pemuda Palestina.

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