Do you live in Russia?

Do you live in Russia? 

The best thing about living in this country is its extreme weather and nice people, but your life will dramatically turn to horror and everything will turn into a bad experience if you live in an apartment (kvartira) practicing normal Malaysian lifestyle..Do you get what I mean? 
if you spilled water from your bathroom like what we used to do in Malaysia, within an hour, your neighbor who lives lower to your apartment will knock on your door and shout at you because you have soaked his head with water coming from your toilet... That is why you should be careful.

Here are some tips of what should you do, in case this accident happens;
1. Listen to your neighbour's complaints, even if they shout at you. 
2. Ask if you can see the damage you have caused 
3. Take picture for evidence
4. Seek apology and admit your mistake.
5. Make a deal with your neighbor to fix the problem - usually they ask for some compensation and if they were to cheat you by asking for an irrelevant amount compensation, do not hesitate to call your curator ... — in Volgograd.

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