As White As Snow



“Morning world~! Morning books~! Morning breakfast oats~! Morning lipas on my desk~! Erk.. Wah~~~

"Alhamdulillah.” Zaki did wake up from his slumber and managed to pull himself out from the cunning and sly thingy that makes him feel warm and at the same time lazy and dormant. The thing that we usually call a bed.

Yesterday, as Zaki and his groupmates were waiting for bus number 37 they were greeted by an old, kind-looking atuk..He initiated a conversation with them. The dialogue was as follows (something along these his sorrow, Zaki don't have the ability to recall the exact words and in the exact language and tone):

Atuk: Hello~!
Zaki and his groupmates: Hello~!
Atuk: I am very interested in something.... May I ask you~~ Why do all of you have such      beautiful teeth?

A little bit shocked and overwhelmed by the unexpected question, Zaki smiled and laughed a little.

Zaki and his groupmates: It's because of...we brush them every day and...we don't drink~
Atuk: O0o0owh~~~! (ask something like how many years they had their teeth for~~)..50 years? 100 years or 200 years? *laughed n smiled*

The old atuk also had the same reaction as Zaki, he also laughed and smile, but maybe because he had to repeat the same question for quite a lot of time. Zaki promised himself that he never again will he miss another Russian class.

Zaki and his groupmates: *laughed*  hmm…maybe 16 or 18 years~!
Atuk: *said something that Zaki couldn't comprehend* thank you~~!!
Zaki and his groupmates: you're welcome~!

As the atuk went back to his waiting-for a bus-port, Zaki’s mind started to ponder.

My teeth ARE quite beautiful~~! They are so nice to me for all these years..they've never lodged a single complaint, they've never sighed, and not even a single frown can be seen~~!! what more can I ask? what more could I ask?

Thinking of it, I didn't even have to ask for those teeth~~! Alhamdulillah I can chew...alhamdulillah I can munch...alhamdulillah I can bite...alhamdulillah I can speak clearly...alhamdulillah I can smile =]  Thank you Ya Wahab~~!!

Zaki’s thoughts kept spinning in his mind with increasing velocity...Have I used and AM I using my teeth...hmm..have I fulfilled the purpose of the teeth that has been lent to me by The Creator? Have I used them wrongly? Do I take care of them like He had and is taking care of me? The young man’s heart started to beat faster as the questions began to accumulate in his cerebrum.

Am I using the time with the teeth which were given to me wisely? Would I lose my teeth before I could use it for the right purpose? Zaki could see the future of his teeth and even his own future as his eyes caught a glimpse of oral cavities of aged people and of the preparat in anatomy class.. Some day I'll be just like them...My teeth will rot..Their roots will loosen...Even if they don't, they will say goodbye to the gingiva...In a blink of an eye, they'll all be gone.. Muda sebelum tua, kaya sebelum miskin, sihat sebelum sakit, lapang sebelum sempit, hidup sebelum mati.

Maka, nikmat Tuhanmu yang manakah yang kamu dustakan? -  Ar-Rahman:13

When time passed by...

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