Bitaufiq wannajah!


Stressed out about the exams coming up soon?
Frantically collecting notes? Or ripping them?
Feeling like a mess and wants to give up?

“Redha, redha..”
“Ape nak jadi, dak?”

Hey, hey, hey!
Relax and take a deep breath..1, 2, 3..
“ So do not weaken and do not grieve, and you will be superior if you are [true] believers.” (3:139)
Is giving up the attitude of true believers?

Sometimes, we feel like there are a lot of things to be done, yet in so little time. And that’s true. And we must learn how to manage our time well. And do remember, that sometimes, it is not about the amount of time we have spent for a certain thing but the quality of time.

Exam is just around the corner, yes, and seconds are ticking away. You may have a hundred more questions and pages to read but does that give you the right to give up on it completely?

Rasulullah s.a.w bersabda:
"Sekiranya di tangan kamu ada benih kurma dan kamu tahu bahawa esok akan berlaku kiamat, maka hendaklah kamu menanam dan jangan biarkan hari kiamat berlaku tanpa menanam benih kurma tersebut"
[Hadis Riwayat Imam Ahmad]

Dates don’t grow in a day. It takes a date palm 4-8 years before it start to bear fruit. And Rasulullah S.A.W. asked us to plant before kiamat?

You see, it is not the result that matters most. But your efforts. The 100 pages you are trying to cramp inside your head may not feel useful to you, but, hey, the Almighty Lord is watching you, He is seeing, evaluating your efforts. Do you really feel that all that effort will be a waste?

Do you know the story of the Battle of Tabouk?

A force of 30 000 Muslims marched towards Tabouk, with the intention of engaging with the Roman Empire, although many came up with excuses not to participate. Despite the blazing sun burning above their head and lack of water supply, the long journey through the dessert and the battle coming up ahead, they led on.

In the end, no real battle occurred as the Roman army cowardly backed out with the knowledge of the strength of the Muslim army at Tabouk.

Allah tested their will, right until the very end, testing their efforts.
So tell me, would you rather be like those that led on despite the hardship or those that fell along the way?

“My brain can’t take this anymore!!”
“Ala! Baca pun bukannya masuk!”

Hey, maybe if simply reading doesn’t work out for you, you can try an alternative way, say, discussing with friends?

And how can you be so sure that what you’re reading now will be of no use during exams?

Pray, pray and always pray to Him.
Blank? Feel as though there’s nothing in your head?
Keep calm and pray. Allah can give ilham. Rely on Him solely, because you have done everything in your efforts, in your part to prepare for this.

But, you see, if you hadn’t even tried or made a single effort to read, how can you expect the All-Knowing to help you?
How can you put that 100% trust to Him, to be tawakal to Allah?

How can you hope no thiefs will come and steal your belongings while leaving the door open wide and not even bothering to lock it?
How can you pray day and night Allah will help you during exams and even more, trials in life  while lying on your bed doing nothing?

There is a story, during Rasulullah’s time, a sahabat left his camel untied. When asked why he did not tie his camel, he said, “I have tawakal to Allah”. Rasulullah answered, “Tie it up and after that, you can have tawakal”

Boost your spirit up and work. Because currently, YOU are a MUJAHIDEEN (This controversial word is literally a noun referring to person who does jahada - جهد = exert / effort) at this arena. And after you have completed that work, don’t stop and continue to work for another, as in the surah Ash-Sharh “So when you have finished [your duties], then stand up [for worship].”

And if the results you would get then isn’t to your expectations, do not grieve. You have made effort and Allah has given what’s best. Everything is a trial, a test. Your excellence, a test. Your low marks, a test. You may fail at exams in life but don’t fail at the exam OF life. Don’t give up and do nothing.


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