Dengan Nama Allah Yang Maha Pemurah Maha Penyayang.
Selawat dan salam ke atas junjungan besar Nabi Muhammad SAW.

Azam Russia membawakan anda beberapa berita dunia minggu ini.

Putin's Speech upon his victory in the recently presidential election

President-elect Vladimir Putin has told reporters that he was not surprised by the recent protests and that the opposition must shift from street actions to serious political work.

One of the first questions the reporters asked was about Putin’s attitude to recent protests against the elections violations as well as to the police actions towards the protesters. The president-elect answered that in his view the police acted very professionally during the March 5 rallies.

“They did not beat up anyone, they did not use any special means and they pushed the protesters away only after the protesters started to break the limits,” Putin said. He also noted that the police saved several journalists who were attacked by protesters by hiding them in police vehicles. “A number of demonstrators were pursuing the goal that the police apply physical force to them,” the president-elect noted.
Furhter News:

A strong geomagnetic storm is racing from the Sun towards Earth.
Its expected arrival on Thursday could affect power grids, airplane routes and space-based satellite navigation systems, US space weather experts said.
The storm, a big cloud of charged particles flung from the Sun at about 7.2 million km/h, was spawned by a pair of solar flares, scientists said.
Further News:

A Tibetan youth has burned himself to death in southwestern China, the third self-immolation in three days, in what overseas Tibetan rights groups said reflects growing resentment against China's policies in the Tibetan areas.

Dorjee, 18, died after he set himself ablaze in Aba county in Sichuan province on Monday in protest at China's policy on Tibet, human rights organisations Free Tibet and International Campaign for Tibet said .
Further News:

Hacktivist group Anonymous has launched an online assault on anti-virus company Panda Security after Tuesday’s arrest of members of the hackers’ LulzSec collective. The group also raided the Vatican website in protest against the Catholic Church.

The online attack struck 25 websites belonging to the security firm on Wednesday night, defacing them with messages such as "Love to LulzSec/Antisec fallen friends". Anonymous also made off with the emails, passwords and usernames of over a hundred Panda Security employees, which were subsequently posted online.
Further News:

Syria's Report:

Rosemarie Colvin,  a 55-year-old Sunday Times reporter died alongside French photographer Remi Ochlik, 28, in a rocket attack on the besieged city of Homs this morning.
The mother of journalist Marie Colvin, who died in a rocket attack in Syria, said her daughter was on the verge of leaving the city because it was so dangerous.Mrs Colvin said: 'She had to stay. She wanted to finish one more story.'
The award-winning journalist was the eldest of five children and is survived by her mother, two sisters and two brothers.
It was claimed that Syrian forces may have murdered Marie Colvin after pledging to kill 'any journalist who set foot on Syrian soil'.
Communication between Syrian Army officers intercepted by Lebanese intelligence staff has revealed that direct orders were issued to target the makeshift press centre in which Colvin had been broadcasting.
If journalists were successfully killed, then the Syrians were told to make out that they had died accidentally in fire fights with terrorist groups, the radio traffic revealed.
Just before she died, American-born Colvin had appeared on numerous international broadcast networks including the BBC and CNN to accuse Syrian dictator Bashar Assad's forces of 'murder'.In her final dispatches she sought to alert the world to the tragedy unfolding in Homs telling the BBC yesterday: 'I watched a little baby die today - absolutely horrific, just a two-year-old been hit, they stripped it and found the shrapnel had gone into the left chest.
'The doctor just said "I can’t do anything". His little tummy just kept heaving until he died. That is happening over and over and over.'

A very sad and shocking news indeed....
Below is the video that showed the last report from Marie Colvin during her stay in the scorched city of Homs, she was reporting about a dying baby and a doctor besides her who complained that they can't do anything more to stabilize and unfortunately the baby can't survive and dies silently without even crying for pain.....
This is not only the matters of the muslim nation, but this issue is an issue of humanity. A very great respect to Marie Colvin who had the bravery to reveal the truth....

News related to Syria and Colvin:


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