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Azam Russia brings you some of the most important stories around the world during this week

Toulouse gunman Mohammed Merah may already be dead as the siege enters its second day. The French interior minister says the gunman besieged in Toulouse wants to die with “weapons in hand” and it is not certain if suspect is still alive.
The gunman, deemed France's public enemy No.1, has not been heard from all night.
Tension mounts in Toulouse where the suspected killer is holed up as the siege enters its second day. He is armed with a cache of weapons.
Merah is a French citizen of Algerian descent. He claims he received training from Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Experts dealing with Islamic terrorism are now trying to predict his behaviour.
They say there’s a special term for those who commit attacks simply and decisively – Nike terrorists. That’s because they use the sports company’s motto “Just do it”.

Dozens of cops equipped with shotguns and assault rifles stormed a Miami, Florida apartment building on Tuesday, drawing weapons at peaceful protesters and children with the local Occupy Wall Street campaign that were lawfully residing inside.
Members of Occupy Miami moved into an Overtown safehouse last month after their previous encampment outside of the city’s Government Center was shut down by authorities earlier this year. Now for the second time in only six weeks, cops donned in SWAT-team style gear and brandishing weapons swarmed the residence of several occupiers again, allegedly acting on reports that the residents inside were stockpiling weapons to use in an upcoming demonstration.

In response to the recent assassination of Zuhair al-Qaisi, the Secretary General of the Popular Resistance Committees in the Gaza Strip, along with another fighter, Palestinians fired rockets at southern Israel and the Israeli military launched air strikes at targets throughout the Strip.
The government and security establishment claimed that "al-Qaisi was assassinated in order to prevent an attack that was in the final stages of preparation". Two days after Israel carried out the extra-judicial execution, however, the claim that al-Qaisi presented an imminent danger dissipated.
Zuhair al-Qaisi was secretary general of the Popular Resistance Committees in Gaza.

A car bomb has exploded in a residential area of the Syrian city of Aleppo report Syrian state media, describing the blast as a “terrorist attack.” At least two people have died in the blast and 30 more have been wounded.
The two people killed by the blast are a policeman and a female civilian, says the SANA news agency.
A car packed with some 200 kilograms of explosives was parked between two residential buildings in the al-Suleimaniya district of Aleppo, behind a post office and not far from a church, reports the state Syria TV. But various unofficial sources claim the blast hit an area close to a local security office.

Zionism from the perspective of a Jewish Rabbi-very interesting!
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And finally don't forget to pray for our brothers in Syria and Palestine and also all the people around the world that is still being oppressed and suppressed

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