The days come and go like the cars on the road and it's now May. Few more weeks to final examinations and few months to graduation for the uni-leavers. Time flies like dandelions blown by the wind.

Apparently everyone is showing that they are busier than anyone else , competing to be the busiest among others. Everyone has exams coming. So what?

(1st situation)

-"I've 3 exams coming up"
-"3 je? I've got 4 exams, lab reports due and have to usrah lagi, masak lagi,laundry lagi

-“ Malas lah nak ulangkaji. Tapi exam dah nak dekat tapi takde mood la nak ulangkaji
-“ Eleh, kau ade otak power,absorb macam sponge.Study last minute pun takpe. Aku ni lain la otak besi buruk

-"Aku takde duit la"
-"Tipu gila. Aku ni lagi takde duit beli tiket flight balik Malaysia lagi, travel sana sini lagi "

Negative replies. How can you be a good listener when you are being so pessimist? How can your friend appreciate talking to you when you turned them down? A human being don't need those negative vibes. They don't appreciate those kind of replies. They need something positive, inspiring, a good listener.

Imam Ali (as) Says: "Live amongst people in such a manner that if you die they weep over you and if you are alive they crave for your company (friendship)."

(2nd situation)

You studied hard for exams tomorrow, hoping the outcome will be parallel to the effort you put. She or he went out for spring festival two days before exam, went out to watch movie at cinema a day before exam. On the day of examination, she or he passed with flying colors and you settled down with average marks. You looked at her or him. She or he has almost everything. You name it; beauty, brain, rich family, great friends, good exam’s marks-when she’s or he’s not even trying to burn the midnight oil! and you ask yourself, what is it feels like to be her or him? Close to perfection.

Often in life, people adore smart and cute girl, or gentle and handsome boy. Beauty is subjective somehow. That's the fact.

Often in life, we are left with options. Making good deeds, or do something crazy and regret, or perhaps be proud of, cause mistakes you learned can't be bought at some groceries stores. Take your pick.

Hidup, jangan terlalu dibayangi dengan kehidupan orang lain. If I drive an Audi doesn't mean you have to drive one too. Sebab kita semua berbeza. Rezeki Tuhan bagi ada dimana-mana, untuk sesiapa saja. Sebab bumi ini terlalu luas, dan lebih dari cukup untuk kita semua berhidup dengan sempurna. Satu hari, pasti ada untuk setiap kita semua

Al-Ra'd 13: 26, Al-Thalaq 65: 3

Daripada belai hati dengan hasad dengki, cuba siram hati dengan sifat syukur. It's a crying need for something more relevant than the reality of everything. Instead of seeing apple as just red, start to see it as apple pie, Snow White $ Steve Jobs. You’ll be more happier, more contented.

Dan bagi sesiapa yang ‘tiada mood nak study’ atau ‘roh ulangkaji tak sampai lagi’, needing more time is just an excuse cause in the end, choices and action must be made, no matter if it took you a day, a week, a month or a year to be ready (to have the ‘roh ulangkaji’). Does it make any difference? time after all is not proportional to the action made if you keep procrastinate things.

"If you want to succeed at anything, you must give it your everything"- Vince Lombardi

By the way, here’s some tips for those who already stressed out preparing and revising for exams. Good luck everyone, may the force be with you, insyaAllah.

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