What would life be like without onions? 

Well,as we know the onion has been used as an ingredient in various dishes for thousands of years by many cultures around the world.And for me, I use an onion everyday to get ready my sambal,ayam masak merah,rendang etc.We even can find yellow,white and red onions in the supermarket(each with their own unique flavor).

The World Health Organization (WHO) supports the use of onions for the treatment of poor appetite and to prevent atherosclerosis. In addition, onion extracts are recognized by WHO for providing relief in the treatment of coughs and colds, asthma and bronchitis. Onions are known to decrease bronchial spasms. An onion extract was found to decrease allergy-induced bronchial constriction in asthma patients. 

But one thing I hate the most is an onion can make me cry emotionally over the kitchen.I know many people out there share the same thing.Lucklily,I have found an article about how to chop onions without tears.How to chop onions without tears?Onion makes you cry because they release an enzyme which will release gas.When gas combines with water(in the eye),it creates acid.Acid in your eye actually makes you cry.

Simple steps that keep your tear free
1)Use a sharp knife

2)Chills the onions in the freezer for 10-15 min before cutting them

3)Breathe through your mouth

4)Chew bread or gum

5)Soak onion in the water

6)Wear gas tight goggles or a mask

I hope these simple steps are useful and keep your tear free .


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