Let's Plan An Effective TimeTable!

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

Well, as we all know, the spring is here already. The weather is so nice and wonderful each coming day, Alhamdulillah ya Rabb for the grace You had given to us. The summer, on the other hand is on its way to come. Not to forget, coming back to our country, Malaysia in three months time. 

But one thing that we should also realize is that our FINAL EXAMINATION is coming. Yet, there's a lot of things to study and being inorganized at this critical time really is NOT a good choice! Only 43 days left toward  June. Examination month. So, its better if we can prepare ourself earlier and plan an effective study timetable for the upcoming exam.


If you already have your exam's date given by the university, then you should probably mark it on the calendar. Then, you'll realize how near it is to today's date and you'll manage to plan ahead about your study timetable that you gonna make. Write in front of your study table - how much days left towards the upcoming examination and cross it each coming day.


For the daily timetable, fill in the time in which you're having your classes, lectures, eating time, jemaah prayer time, sleeping time, and much more. Put everything into it and left only the slot where you're free in the timetable. Then, you'll realize that you are actually having a lot of EMPTY SPACES in the timetable. 


Only you know best about urself! So, pick the best time slot to study either early in the morning, evening or night. Its better to fill the evening slot with your homework for the day and the night for the revision of the subject or other subjects that you want to read. Spend the most effective time slot for the subject that you want to focus on. 


For each time slots of two or three hours, fill in 5-10 minutes rest after 40-50 minutes of continuous studying. Its really hard to put your whole focus for a very long time. So, its better to achieve a better result with a short break to regain your focus back. 


Most of us need to travel for a quite long time to reach our study department. Its better to use the time wisely. Bring along your small notes, pocket notes, and read it while you have the time, either in the bus, trolley bus, or tramvai. Its your choice: to read it or just left the notes in your bag and waste one hour just like that.


Build in time for your family and friends. Its really a supportive measure in helping us toward our examination. They'll help us with our study in case we are lacking motivation. Talk to our friend if we have any problem as they may have the solution for it. Build a strong ukhuwah between our usrahmate. They're our family members at here when we are far away from our beloved family at home. 


A healthy body is a healthy mind. Spend some time outside and do have a physical exercise at least 30 minutes a week. Don't just relax by sitting in front of the computer and spend more time there. Look at the nature as it'll give you the calmness you need. 


Don't plan something that is impossible to achieve! Although it is important to set a high goal, but put a realistic measure in it. Because once you didn't manage to fulfill your timetable once, believe me, you'll be skipping the whole timetable by the end of the month. Spare some time for the unforseen circumstances in which it will interrupt your usual study routine. 

After completing the timetable, put it in front of your desk. InsyaAllah, it'll help us in achieving our goal and planning our time wisely. 


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