Assalamualaikum wbt.
Dear undergraduates (read mahasiswa),
Knowledge is a power. Knowledge brought humble back into the heart. With knowledge leaders are born. 
With knowledge the world are shaken. 
Will you ever doubt the power of knowledge?

Knowledge is like a fruit. When a fruit grows on a branch of a tree, it weights causes the branch to bend and bow. Similarly, when knowledge increases in a person, it causes him to become humble and not proud nor boastful.

The first verse that was revealed to Prophet Muhammad SAW is Iqra’ which means recite/read! There’s definitely something for us to learn and contemplate from this verse and the scholars said that from this verse, Allah SWT wants this ummah (people/undergradutes/us) to understand the importance of what comes from behind reciting and reading , and behind them is KNOWLEDGE!
The prophet SAW said “Whoever take a path for seeking knowledge, Allah will make an easy path for them to enter Jannah, paradise”.

In order to gain knowledge people has to start changing their attitudes toward knowledge. Nowadays, there’s this kind of mindset in people who are seeking for knowledge literally undergraduates. 
They will enter the universities, and just focused on getting their degrees.
 With the degree, they’ll live the life. Are you sure this will work? 

Why it ended with a degree? Let do some flashback (read muhasabah). First and foremost of course, the intention itself has to be clear and pure (read ikhlas) for those who are seeking the knowledge. Then, those people entering the universities known as undergraduates should have all the qualities of the status they are holding. An undergraduate is a young and highly potential mind, full of ideas, passions, very ambitious with extraordinary visions, and expanding new possibilities.

If the undergraduates who are seeking for knowledge have all the qualities mentioned above, everything won’t meet their full stop with a degree. But, for sure those undergraduates will have greater missions above all to change the world. The power of knowledge in the hand of undergraduates nowadays will definitely turn the world into a better place (read Ustaziyatul Alam) if they themselves realized the power they are holding, with knowledge.

And the knowledge has no enemy except ignorance. If an undergraduate keep being an ignorant person, it will come to no avail.
Wake up undergraduates! Seek the knowledge till the end, practice them (read ‘amal) and step out from the zone of ignorance.
Allah will not change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves.

Know the ropes, learn the ropes J

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  1. knowledge are far beyond textbook and degree, and it keeps changing especially in the fast-developing technologies. Well written. good job (Y)