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Palestine : Palestinian political prisoners, Samer Al-Eesawy, signed an agreement with Israel after prosecutors reached an agreement after 8 months of his release in return for ending their hunger strike.

Palestinian prisoners association lawyer, Jawad Boulos Al-Eesawy states continue to take supplements and vitamins as advised by the doctor and will end their hunger strike.

Speaking to his sister, lawyer Shireen Al-Eesawy, Samer thank him and all the support strike demanding the end of his detention illegal.

Palestine : Following the Chief Detention Affairs Committee, Amin Shauhan, confirmed that more than 1,000 Palestinian prisoners suffer from different diseases including 25 patients with cancer.

Prisoners face medical negligence inflicted by the Israeli prison service intended to kill them like what happened to the martyr Ashraf Abu Dra'a, Arafat Jaradat and Maysara Abu Hamdiya, he said.

He stressed that the colonists delay in dealing with hunger strikers demand Samer al-Issawi after failed repatriation to countries of Europe.

Sanaa, Yemen - An ongoing hunger strike by nearly half of Guantanamo's 166 prisoners has galvanised street protests outside the US embassy in Yemen, where detainees' long-suffering families have been raising their voices.

The current hunger strike, sparked on February 7 by what prisoners say was the mishandling of the Quran, has been said to be particularly brutal. Prisoners have reportedly been shot with rubber bullets, thrown into isolated cells and force-fed with tubes.

Of the prisoners who remain at Guantanamo, 86 have been cleared for release, sometimes repeatedly, but none have yet returned home.

They have been pushed to desperate measures. Remes, who currently represents 14 Yemeni prisoners in Guantanamo, said Salman told him this is the "first time everyone is striking to death".

One of US President Barack Obama's first promises in office was to close Guantanamo. He is now in his second administration, and human rights advocates and lawyers say the situation has worsened.

Almost 800 prisoners have passed through Guantanamo since it opened 11 years ago, said Zachary Katznelson, a lawyer with the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), but only 13 military commissions - heavily censored and seemingly skewed to the detriment of the defendants - have been convened.

Serbia : Serbia's nationalist President Tomislav Nikolic has personally apologised for the first time for the 1995 Srebrenica massacre of 8,000 Muslims, but stopped short of calling it genocide.

"I kneel and ask for forgiveness for Serbia for the crime committed in Srebrenica," Nikolic said on Thursday in an interview to be aired on Bosnian national television parts of which have been released on You Tube.

"I apologise for the crimes committed by any individual in the name of our state and our people," he said in the interview.

Nikolic's office confirmed to AFP news agency the authenticity of the statement.
Thousands of Bosnians, mostly Muslims, were killed by Serb soldiers during the Balkan War between 1992 and 1996.

After being elected last May, Nikolic caused a stir in the region by refusing to acknowledge that the massacre in the Bosnian enclave, was a genocide, despite it being ruled as such by two international courts.
Nikolic at the time said "there was no genocide in Srebrenica".

Until five years ago Nikolic was a top official of the ultra-nationalist Serbian Radical Party, which has denied that Serb forces committed crimes during the Balkans wars.

Its leader Vojislav Seselj is currently on trial for war crimes before The Hague-based UN International Criminal Court for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY).

While this marks Nikolic's first apology on Srebrenica, Serbia has in the past expressed regret over the deaths.

In 2010, the Serbian parliament passed an historic declaration condemning the Srebrenica massacre in a gesture ending years of denial by Serbian politicians about the scale of the killings, but Nikolic at the time did not support the move.

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