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Assalamualaikum and hello to all! ☺

The New Year just dropped by. Time to flip the page, and start writing on a new chapter. So how are you? How are you feeling this new year?

Well, with a few more months to go before my graduation, I for one am feeling, hmmm rather conflicted. It is either a few more months to enjoy the freedom, or a few more months to prepare for adulthood? Let’s just say that the mature thing to do is preparing for what’s to come ahead. :P

So in this post, I would like to share a few links that I think might be useful for our practice in Malaysia.

1) House Officers Workshop in Malaysia

The website was established in 2009, aiming to improve the clinical knowledge of Crimea State Medical University in Ukraine. But now, it has become viral among the Malaysian medical students from all parts of the world. Why is it so? With people saying that graduates from Russia are less competent compared to those graduated from Malaysia, this website is definitely one of the best references out there as you can get the necessary guidelines here. The guidelines were compiled based on the experiences of the doctors and also according to the postings in Malaysia. You can download them, read up, and get to know about the healthcare system in Malaysia.

2) Academy of Medicine in Malaysia

This website is different from the one mentioned above in terms of the clinical practice guidelines. How is it different? These CPGs are actually guidelines or management protocols for different diseases. For example, the first line of drugs used for a particular condition, the target level of glucose in the blood for ICU patients or the management of transfusions. The guidelines are up to date and in accordance to the Ministry of Health of Malaysia.

3) Pagalavan’s Avatar

The owner of this blog is Dr. Pagalavan Letchumanan, a consultant physician and rheumatologist from Johor Bahru. If you’re looking for the latest issues in the medical field, mainly regarding the ‘politics’ in Medicine, I suggest you to visit this website. The issues discussed are somewhat interesting, ranging from a doctor’s salary, to the well-needed information on housemanship, medical officer and postgraduate training. Besides that, the tab ‘For future doctors’ is especially useful if you have relatives or even friends who are considering about pursuing a career in medicine.

I personally vote this website as a favourite, because it is always up-to-date. Now, you don’t have to worry about the word on the street as you can always refer here for the latest information.

InsyaAllah that is all for now. I really hope these links would be of some help.. And lastly, wishing you a great year ahead, with many great memories to create and may Allah bless all of us, insyaAllah. :)

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